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Southern Colorado
(720) 260-4698

Our Unique Mission:
providing an experience identical to that of a national business with the efficiency, attention to detail and FAIR PRICING that only a small, local painting company can provide.

Think of Midas as your personal assistant; that’s how you should feel! You’re in full control, so spend the minimum amount of time and energy possible to obtain the results you have in mind.

Size matters. We’re a small business because it’s best!

Local Project Managers

Specialized Labor Technicians

Low Overhead & Labor Costs

Fair Prices

Attention to Acute Details

Itemizing (We do this often so you can maintain control of your budget)

Direct contact with our decision-makers!

What does Midas do differently?

  • Provide customer reviews & product recommendations prior to your estimate so you have the information to get decisive.

  • Email & Texting so you can communicate when it’s convenient for you.

  • We offer design consultations to find the colors you adore!

  • We'll instruct how to get your HOA to approve your colors.

  • Detailed, itemized estimates that get straight to the most important topics and initiate the most important conversations.

  • Written agreements to ensure we fully understand your expectations.

  • When hired, we utilize written descriptions AND photos in our work orders to eliminate internal errors and miscommunications.

We respect your time because we value ours too. You can expect a monetary reward for quick decision-making, just ask your estimator how to earn it when you schedule your free appointment.


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