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Deposit & Balance Payments

Thank you for trusting us with your home improvement project! Customer service is important to us, so we've worked diligently to accept several forms of payment.

Checks (no fee)

We accept personal checks, cashier's checks and Money Orders. To confirm your project's remaining balance or the amount due for your deposit, please reach out to your sales rep directly or email us at

Address all checks to Midas Home Improvements

Other Payment Options

We understand many homeowners don't have physical checks at home and don't want to visit their bank for a money order or cashier's check, so we also accept PayPal, Zelle, and card payments.

Zelle (no fee)

To make secure payments directly from your bank account via Zelle, simply scan this QR Code or search for us by using the following email address:

Zelle QR Code.jpg

Our owner consults with other small businesses in roofing, solar, and other non-painting types of home improvement. Midas Marketing & Media LLC is our parent company, which owns our CO dba, Midas Home Improvements.


Card Payments

If you prefer to use a credit card with good rewards, or simply prefer to use a debit card, you can make a secure payment through our card processor, Square.

The best way to do this is to contact your sales rep so he can verify the proper payment amount before manually running your payment. There is a 3% processing fee for all card payments, as stated in red, on your project proposal.

Midas Accepts:

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • Discover

We do not accept American Express

PayPal (3% fee)

PayPal payments can be made quickly and securely through this link: PayPal

You can also scan the QR code below from your mobile phone.

When making a payment yourself via PayPal, add 3% to your deposit or balance payment before entering the payment amount into the PayPal app.

Ex: if your project agreement calls for a $2,000 deposit to Midas, your PayPal deposit payment should be made for $2,060 to cover the 3% fee.

You can avoid this 3% processing fee by paying via check or Zelle. 

PayPal QR Code.PNG
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